Sunday, June 13, 2010

In My Mailbox(1) My first one!

(The picture was actually supposed to be better quality , but my blackberry desktop thingy was being an idiot so I had to use my Dsi)

This is the first IMM, I'm going to do :3 I hope this makes for a really good habit and keeps me organized to a certain extent ^-^

This week:
The Gift by James Patterson & Ned Rust
Captivate by Carrie Jones (You can see my '"blook" bookmark :3)
Firelight by Sophie Jordan (i finished :])
Sapphique by Catherine Fisher
Incarceron by Catherine Fisher
Matched by Ally Condie

There all going to be reviewed, after I'm done ^-^ Can't wait *jumps up and down* I have to read fast, because I'm going away for the summer and hopefully I still can update my blog. I'm stuffing atleast six books into my luggage. I need to read xD haha.

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