Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Welcome to my blog :3!

Hai! :]

I'm really new at all this blog stuff, but I hope it's easy like everyone says. It may not look it, but I'm using the blog for books. I love to read, it's not a torturous activity, it's fun and I get to escape into a world away from stress. (okay I'm not crazy) Anyway, I've been searching a long time for a blog template, and I guess I might just need to learn how to make one myself. It's going to be a lot of work, but I really want my blog to do well.

Let me tell you a bit about maiself.
My name is Ming Ming but I'm in high school so just call me Ming. :3
I love to read, I'm pretty sure I mentioned that and...I mostly read YA fiction. I'm not into non-fiction, but I'll read it for school. ^-^
I needa find a layout thats not so dark looking. For something personal it's good, but I want everyone to see whats going on and all that stuff.
I'm horrendously new at this, so bare with me here :]
I wanted to make a blod, because my friends call me a book worm. Not that I've read more books than some of the other great, awesome book bloggers out there, but I read more than them.
I got so engrossed in a book once, I almost missed my train stop. (Well...Technically I missed it, and had to get off to get back on the other side T^T)
I read almost everyday xD

Making this blog was not really out of the blue. I thought A LOT about this, trust me, i know. I wanted to get at least the basis down and then edit like a madman, or in my case madwoman.
I'm sure by this time, you notice, i like to use smilies :P
I want to thank a few people for helping me with my decision.

First off Nicole, from WORDforteens. Her blog is (you have to go see it!)
I met her at a book expo and she's really great :] I saw how much fun it was to read her blog, and I'm pretty sure she has fun writing it. (plus, i'm asking her for help when I need it, so she definitely first on my to thank list)

My friends. They didn't go and shout at me to start a blog, but I just love talking about the books after I read them. Sometimes when theres enough time, i basically relay the entire book. Gosh, I feel like a book worm. But reading in a good thing. Improved my vocabulary, tons!

And I thank my mom <3 book="book" br="br" from="from" gene="gene" got="got" her="her" hobby="hobby" i="i" reading="reading" the="the" think="think">

Anyways xD I'm really looking forward to reviewing books and giving away any books I get to people who want them. I don't own too many, but I'm really hoping that will change.