Friday, June 11, 2010

My trip to the BEA and mai books :3

First pic:The pile on the left are the books I got from the expo :]
I wanted a few more, but I was a one girl team, while my friend walked around on their own T^T
And the pile on the right are the books I borrowed from the library. Working on reading both piles now :
Second pic:3Waiting for the bus to go. Me all tired out.
Third Pic:Group pic and our stuff
Fourth Pic: Richelle Mead *heart* I'm the only asian girl in the picture 0-03

I admit, it was the first book expo, i ever went to and wow was I amazed. It was so fun meeting authors. I met Richelle Mead and Holly Black. I wish I could've went back Thursday, but sadly, i couldn't. The BEA this year was another reason I decided to start my blog. There are so many books out there I want to read. And I can't wait!

I'm into reading YA fiction, as you can tell. And if any authors want me to read their books, welcome to send me an email :3 It's